An experiment for English Speakers


An experiment for English Speakers

The experiment #englishspeakers is exclusive for people with a good level of english (B2 or higher)

THE EXPERIMENT #englishspeakers


The aim of the project is to study how 216 english speakers make decisions.

It is designed and developed by researchers from the University of Valencia and the New York University of Abu Dhabi.



Anyone with a good level of English (B2 or higher)*.

*An official certificate is not mandatory but having the proper level of english is essential to understand the experiment's instructions.



Commiting  fraud  on the level of english will mean:

  1. The participant will be asked to leave the session.
  2. The participant will not receive any payment.
  3. The participant will not be able to participate in future experiments.

If your profile is not suitable for #englishspeakers because your level of english is not B2 or higher, please wait for the next call. (Next week LINEEX will open seats for spanish speakers).


>Haz clic aquí si quieres ver esta información en castellano


  • Each participant will be asked to make decisions using a computer.
  • At the beginning, you will receive instructions that will place you in a simulated context. From there, you just need to be yourself.
  • There are not right or wrong answers. The experiment aims to unterstand how the population really behaves.
  • All decisions will be anonymous and will not be linked to your identity.
  • The duration of the experiment will be up to 60 minutes (depending on the session it might be longer).


  • Once finished, you will receive an immediate payment in cash.
  • The payment you receive will depend on your decisions and the decisions of the other participants interacting with you. It will be higher than the LINEEX average (the actual average is 19€ for a 90 mins experiment).
  • Just for participating, all participants will receive a guaranteed payment of 5 euros.
  • Check your rights and obligations in the Guide for Participants.



LINEEX will soon open 216 new seats to english speakers where you could participate. You can sign up in these experiments by clicking on the button below:

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